How To Use Pop-Up Stores To Create Your Competitive Advantage

Dr. Orlando Skelton July 22, 2021 443 57 5

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I recently attended a local Pop-Up Shop event. In case you are not familiar with the term, a pop-up shop, sometimes referred to as flash retailing, is a trend where an entrepreneur randomly opens a sales space for a short amount of time, usually one day. The idea behind this tactic is to generate interest in your products, make sales, and engage customers with your brand. The ability to market effectively is a pain point for many small businesses and it was very evident at this event. In this episode we are going discuss how you can attract more customers to your business by understanding your competitive advantages and using your strengths to promote your brand.

Pop-Up Stores Key Takeaways

  • Typical customer engagement at a Pop-Up Stores event
  • Collect marketing analytics (age, ethnicity, gender, personality, brand affinities, opinions, etc.)
  • Building trust/Building your brand at Pop-Up Stores Events
  • Creating/identifying your competitive advantages
  • Competitive Advantages examples
  • Understanding the competition
  • List of ways to create competitive advantages

Resources (eBooks, suggested reading)

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